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Stained Glass Guild of Kansas

Meetings 2007





Local Shops

Meetings are held at the Evergreen Branch Library. Go to the Meetings page to see the map showing the library's location at Arkansas and 25th St. North in Wichita, Kansas.

January  Ivan Frey demonstrated how to make ladybug garden stakes. The pattern he used can be found in The Stained Glass Garden: Projects & Patterns by George W. Shannon and Pat Torlen. Members discussed current projects that they are working on. Thanks to all the outgoing officers for the wonderful job they did this last year! Our new officers are Gloria Henson - President, Ivan Frey - Vice President, Janet Jacobs - Treasurer, and Carole Smith - Secretary. Suzanne Hamilton Mies will continue to write the newsletter and update the website. Carole Smith will mail out the newsletter.
January Newsletter

February  Our new project is to make a beveled snowflake, which Janet Jacobs will show us how to do. The pattern used can be found in The Magic of Snowflakes by Deverie Wood. If you do not want to make your snowflake out of bevels, you can cut your diamonds out of any colored glass. A Morton System will be available for use at the meeting, along with the Guild's grinder. Preferrably, you will already have your pieces foiled before the meeting.
February Newsletter

March  We worked on our beveled snowflakes at the meeting. Those who already finished brought their finished piece to show everyone. And they were all beautiful. No one chose the same color nuggets, so they were different in that way. Some also had their lady bug to show. We had a pattern exchange this month, which is always fun. Jack brought his notebook full of photos of his various endeavors, some large and some small. Jack also won the door prize this month, lucky guy!
March Newsletter

April  For the April meeting, Ivan Frey demonstrated how to cut strips, etc., with the Morton System.
April Newsletter

May  The May meeting canceled in order for members to take part in the River Festival events.
May Newsletter

June  June's meeting was a Show & Tell meeting. Jack Carlton finished the abstract piece he'd mentioned at a previous meeting and brought it to show us.
June Newsletter

July  July meeting led to much discussion. The decision was made to change the meeting dates and meeting location. Through the rest of the year, we will meet at the library on the first Monday of the month, with the exception of September. In September we will meet on the second Monday due to Labor Day being on the first Monday. Therefore, we will meet August 6th, September 10th, October 1st and November 5th. Decemberís date and location to be determined later.

We are now searching for a new meeting location. The new meeting room requirements: Not too expensive, Hard floors, Tables, Chairs, Many electrical outlets for our grinder, soldering irons, etc., Sink with running water, Close parking, Preferably, no stairs, Heating & air conditioning, Available from 7 p.m. to 9:30 or 10 p.m. on a weeknight, preferably one Monday a month. Sometimes we may want to do a big project on a Saturday. Maybe the new meeting place would be available for that. Or maybe we would need a different location for a Saturday project. Is there storage available for us to lock up our supplies? We have the grinder, brass rods, nuggets, coffee maker, etc. .
July Newsletter

August  At the August meeting on Monday the 6th, we started making 8"x8" mosaic pieces to be included in the Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute. These ungrouted mosaic wildlife creatures are to be attached to fiberglass mosaic mesh. The Guild will be shipping the finished project pieces to Australia by the November deadline. The pieces will be incorporated into a mural at the Irwin family's zoo in Australia. Mosaic artists around the world are taking part in this project, donating their time and talent to this memorial. For more information on the mural project, visit the Oz Mosaics website.
August Newsletter

September  Monday, September 10th, we met to continue to work on the mosaic wildlife creatures for the Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute.
September Newsletter

October  Monday, October 1st, will be the last meeting to work on the Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute wildlife creatures. Roberta Yaverski will demonstrate how to make mosaic candle shelters.
October Newsletter

November  Monday, November 5th, was our last meeting at the Evergreen Libray. Roberta Yaverski handed out the lantern globes that we are using for our candleshelters. We discussed possible meeting locations. Randy Rayer offered us the use of the class area at Beardens as it is not used on Mondays. Roberta shared information about the Kechi City Hall meeting room. We decided to take Randy up on his offer, with the intent that we will outgrow that space with an increase in membership. We are going to meet at the Kechi City Hall, if possible, for our December meeting. For our December meeting, we will have a potluck. Everyone is to bring either two side dishes or one side and one dessert. The Guild will provide the meat, plates, napkins, tableware and glasses. Rose Anne Frey offered to bring punch and coffee. Kathy Smallwood and Nancy Scofield are in charge of decorations.
November Newsletter

December  We met at Kechi's City Hall for an evening of good food and good conversation. Door prizes were won by all. Starting in January, 2008, on the 14th, we will hold our monthly meeting on the second Monday of the month at Rayer's Bearden Stained Glass. Beardens is located at 6205 W. Kellogg, Wichita, KS. 67209 and their contact numbers are 316-942-2929 or 800-228-4101. We will start making a leaded piece at the January meeting. Our pattern is a log cabin quilt block. We will spend the January meeting cutting glass and lead came. We will solder our piece at the February meeting. Our new president, Suzanne Hamilton Mies, has copies of the pattern if you need one. Suzanne's email address is shmies at and her phone number is 316-841-7658.
December Newsletter

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