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Stained Glass Guild of Kansas

Meetings 2005





Local Shops

We are now meeting at Evergreen Branch Library. Go to the Meetings page to see the map showing the library's location at Arkansas and 25th St. North in Wichita, Kansas.

January  The meeting was cancelled due to the weather.

February  Patterns were included in the newsletter for making long-stemmed roses. At the meeting, Ivan demonstrated how to make the roses using lead came. Some members brought their completed rose to the meeting, along with other projects they were working on. Also at the meeting, new officers were elected. Thanks to all the outgoing officers for the wonderful job they did this last year! Our new officers are Gloria Henson - President, Norene Haynes - Vice President, Linda Zimmerman - Treasurer, and Suzanne Hamilton Mies - Secretary.

March  Scouting reports were given on alternate meeting locations for the Guild. The primary reason for the change being the parking situation at City Art's current location. The majority vote was to start meeting at the Evergreen Branch of the Wichita Public Library. The Evergreen Library is located at 2601 N Arkansas. Several members mentioned at the meeting that when the Arts Building was housed in this same building on North Arkansas, this is where they had first started taking their stained glass classes with the late Roy Harrison as their teacher. Also decided was to change the meeting day to better match the schedules of the current members. Majority vote was to move the meeting time to Tuesdays. Next meeting will be the 3rd Tuesday in April, at 7 p.m., at the Evergreen Branch Library, since our new meeting room is available on the 3rd Tuesday. We had a "Show And Tell" evening. Also, several patterns were handed out. Projects shown off at the meeting were a mosaic birdhouse, a fairy, a cross, a star and moon candleholder, a beveled heart, beveled stars, and several of Ivan's roses that the members had completed. The Pzazz Brushes were handed out that several of the members had ordered.

April  Troy Welty of Mathews Gallery gave a soldering demonstration, making a gorgeous bird of paradise panel. Everyone agreed that he's fascinating to watch soldering. He just makes it look so easy. We had several lovely contest entries, with Linda Zimmerman's big and beautiful clown panel coming out the winner. Her prize was an angled glass holder. We are having another contest for our members, and the new contest will end at the October meeting. We all like our new meeting room and new meeting day at the Evergreen Branch Library, located at 2601 N Arkansas, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Since we didn't have a grinder at the new location, Randy Rayer, owner of Rayer's Beardens Stained Glass, graciously donated a Glastar grinder to the Guild. Thank You, Randy! Following the meeting, an updated membership list was given to Beardens and Mathews Gallery. We all like the discounts Beardens and Mathews give our members, but you have to have your dues paid if you want to take advantage of this membership perk. In advance of this month's meeting, the newsletter was changed to a two-page format. The Guild members at the meeting approved of the new look and liked the thought of stained glass industry news being spotlighted in the newsletter.
April Newsletter

May  Clint Woodward and Kathy Dawson demonstrated how to make a rose using beadmaking techniques. The finished rose was so beautiful and delicate! They both said that beadmaking is a bit addictive.
May Newsletter

June  Bud Thornton talked about Tiffany lamps, lamp making equipment, the Odyssey System, the Worden System, glass selection for lamps, and showed us lamps he had made. He also brought a video for us to watch that showed Joe Porcelli designing then building a lamp on a blank mold.
June Newsletter

July  We painted our clear glass for our Color Magic suncatchers. All present agreed that the sealant smells absolutely terrible! Definitely spray it outside to escape the smell. Since that meeting, two members have reported that the paint scratched off of their suncatcher.
July Newsletter

August  We started working on a 3D Christmas tree. Patterns were handed out at the meeting. The Guild is cutting the brass rods for the framework and making the wooden bases, therefore we needed a headcount at this meeting of all members wanting to make this project. At the meeting, it was decided that each member is limited to two bases being made for them by the Guild. If you couldn't make it to the meeting, but want to make a tree, contact Suzanne Hamilton Mies or Bud Fair by September 1st. Bud Fair volunteered to cut the bases out of wood for us. Suzanne is ordering and cutting the brass rods.
August Newsletter

September  Troy brought his completed tree for everyone to see. He discovered that the bottom two rows need to be altered from the pattern handed out at the August meeting. Suzanne has the new pattern that Troy created for the bottom two rows, so contact her if you need it. An alternate fix is to cut 3/8" off of the end of the old pattern's bottom two rows at the base of the piece. The problem with the original pattern was that the bottom two rows ended up being almost flat, with hardly any angle. The two solutions divised to fix this problem will result in more of an angle for the branches. The "Tiffany By Design" exhibit opens at the Wichita Art Museum, to be on display from September 25, 2005 through January 8, 2006.
September Newsletter

October Almost everyone that attended the meeting brought an entry for the contest. It was really exciting to see the wide variety of designs. Media represented were the foil method, mosaics, sandblasting and fusing. Paula Hearn (our newest member) and Linda Zimmerman tied for first place. Paula's entry was an original design by Paula, an arched peacock panel framed in oak into which she incorporated handmade dichroic nuggets. Linda's winning entry was a multi-piece lamp done in earth tones and square bevels. Kathy Smallwood took 2nd place with her originally designed ribbon panel. Deane Griffith received 3rd prize for her lovely unicorn suncatcher framed in zinc. Bud Fair received honorable mention for his doll display case that was made even more attractive by a decorative solder trim. Deane brought along her Christmas tree that we are all making, showing where she was running into a problem. Troy was able to help her fix the problem and everyone watching learned some good tips in the process. Several patterns covering a range of projects were exchanged, to the delight of all. The meeting was capped off with Valerie Burgdorf's delicious English Trifle, for which she also provided a copy of the recipe for everyone.
October Newsletter

November Ivan Frey demonstrated creating and incorporating wheatheads into projects. He made the wheat by cutting small ovals of light brown/beige glass, wrapping the oval with lead came, then attaching 16 gauge wire for stem and 20 gauge wire for the "beard" or "hair" on the heads. Troy Welty demonstrated how to use The Table Foiler. Officers for 2006 are Gloria Henson-President, Ivan Frey-Vice President, Linda Zimmerman-Treasurer, Suzanne Hamilton Mies-Secretary.
November Newsletter

December meeting has changed. Instead of our annual Christmas Potluck Dinner, we will instead be meeting on Monday the 19th at 6:30 p.m. at Hometown Buffet, 6820 W. Central. We will be eating in a room reserved under the name Stained Glass Guild. Each member will pay for their own and their guests' dinners. Dinner will be followed by a White Elephant Gift Exchange, so please bring a wrapped present if you want to take part in the exchange. What is a white elephant gift? Itís some perfectly good item you have sitting around the house that you donít want anymore.
December Newsletter

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